About us

Living in a non-Muslim country can be difficult in terms of finding halal alternatives to the food and products that are offered in Canada. With 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide, the market for halal foods has been, and continues to be, growing in demand amongst Muslim, and even non-Muslim consumers. HalalPlaces.org serves to help Muslim consumers find restaurants, supermarkets, and butcher stores that provide halal food and products.

Basics of Islam

Muslims worldwide must abide by dietary restrictions of food called 'halal' meaning 'permissible'. This includes limits on meat, meat by-products, and alcohol. It can be difficult for practicing Muslims to keep up with these dietary restrictions in a non-Muslim country, especially when visiting cities or going out for dinner where Muslims are not directly handling their own food. Here at HalalPlaces.org, we understand these difficulties and have created a simple solution by making finding halal food options available at the click of a mouse.

Services For Our Users

Our database is filled with restaurants and grocery stores throughout the country, which can be searched and sorted based on your specific location and preferences. It's as simple as opening up your browser on your phone or computer and finding various options for halal food within seconds. This is the fastest and easiest way of finding halal food options in your locale.

Map-Based Restaurant & Supermarket Finder

Our large, aerial map offers great insight to the exact location. Once you initiate your search, by putting a city, region, or country into the search browser, your search results will appear on the map. Each icon will represent a specific restaurant or supermarket. To get a more refined look at a specific listing, adjacent streets, and public facilities, you can easily manipulate the map by double clicking on it. This easy-to-use service is available to anyone looking for various halal restaurants or supermarkets.

Our Mission

HalalPlaces.org is dedicated to the Muslim community living in Canada and the US. We understand how difficult it can be to not have access to the locations of halal restaurants and supermarkets; that is why we have worked diligently to build this convenient service. Our service is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date listing of locations with halal food options.